Matric Fashion

Your matric farewell fashion guide to looking absolutely fabulous.

The matric dance is one of the most important occasions in your schooling career.

It marks the end of the first chapter of your life, and is a time to celebrate all that you’ve achieved during your time in school, the friends you’ve made, and the many experiences you’ve had.

At the matric farewell, you’ll have to bring a date, dress appropriately in formal evening wear, and participate in the events of the evening, including dinner, photo shoots, dancing, and socializing with your friends as well as the teachers and other adults who are there. It’s good practice for the real world, where you’ll hopefully be attending many more formal events in the future.

All in all, the matric ball is a chance to make some final memories to round off your experience of school-age life, and so you’ll want it to be as enjoyable and natural as possible. This does require some preparation in a few areas, however, so it’s good to think ahead about what you’ll need to do to make your matric dance a special one.


Farewell Dresses

For the girls, the dress is a huge part of the occasion, and every young lady there will be wearing an outfit that makes her look her best.

Taking the time and effort to consider various options and plan your perfect dress choice can make a huge difference to your confidence and comfort on the night, so it’s a good idea to take this into consideration well in advance.

Matching your dress to your skin tone and body shape, as well as considering the options of buying, hiring, or designing your own dress, are important parts of the dress selection process.



For the guys, looking sharp in a suit is equally important. While you’ll generally have fewer options to choose from than girls, paying attention to the details is no less vital.

This means choosing a quality suit that’s made of good material, is the right colour and style, fits your body properly, and makes you feel confident and not self-conscious. Options range from formal tuxedos and black bow-ties to business suits and colourful neckties, and it’s the little touches, such as the cufflinks and boutonniere, that count for a lot when it comes to the overall outfit.

Make sure to plan ahead, and get a decent tailor to make your suit look as sharp as possible.



For both guys and girls, the shoes you choose to wear to your matric ball are often the finishing touches of any outfit – and can make or break the entire look.

Matching your shoes to the rest of your clothing in such a way that they don’t stand out more than they should is very important, as is the quality of the material from which the shoes themselves are made.

Just as important is the need for your shoes to be comfortable. Many a night has been ruined by wanting to wear a new pair of shoes, only to be stuck with them for the whole evening while they hurt your feet!

Hair & Makeup

Hair & Makeup

For the girls, hair and makeup are another vital aspect of your overall look for the evening.

Here, it’s important to go for hairstyles that will go with the rest of your outfit, while also making you look and feel your best. Makeup should do much the same thing by playing to your strongest features while drawing attention away from any that you’re less happy with.

As with all things, balance (and not overdoing things) is key.



Every matric farewell needs a theme, and one that can be unique and express something about your school year.

It’s a good idea to look at themes of the past both for inspiration and to avoid copying any directly, while also taking the location and budget into account.

Once you’ve narrowed it down to a shortlist of possibilities, putting it to a vote can be a good idea so that everyone feels a part of the decision and can be comfortable with it on the night.


Photography Tips

The photos of the evening are, of course, one of the most important parts.

These should be taken by professionals, and should capture everyone in their best and most natural light, rather than be over-staged.

Careful selection of locations and the timing of these photos can make all the difference, as well as making sure there’s enough variety between candid and posed shots.

Inspiration Gallery

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